Webinar Invitation with Global Dominion:

An Introduction to the Business and New Strategic Plan

Date: 28th June, 11:00 CET.

Corporate Development Director, Patricia Berjón, will give a presentation about the company, highlighting some of the key aspects of the business segments, and talk about the recently announced strategic plan.

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In this sector, we have seen how the largest companies in local markets have been able to grow successfully through acquisitions whilst showing higher margins than competitors. We believe that Global Dominion can strengthen its position and grow in the 35 countries in which it already has a presence, in a market characterised by high levels of fragmentation, and where there is a limited number of truly global players.


Global Dominion | Vadevalor


The executive summary, report, and Excel document containing all the historical data associated with Global Dominion, can be downloaded online free of charge at:  https://vadevalor.com/en/reports/global-dominion/

More information about Global Dominion: https://www.dominion-global.com/en/investors/financial-information

Patricia Berjon Global Dominion

Patricia Berjón

Corporate Development Director
Global Dominion