Anthony Kingsley


Anthony Kingsley

Academic Background

  • N/A

Professional Background

  • Joined Findlay Park in 2002. Equity Reearch Analyst, MFS Investment Management.

Showcase Investment Fund

Once a fund manager is rated by Vadevalor, the showcase investment fund is the fund chosen to be followed for future results.

Showcase Investment Fund

Findlay Park American


Investment Strategy

Value investing using fundamental analysis




Showcase Investment Fund



$ 16,276,000,000





Ongoing Charges


10 Main Holdings

Holdings % of Fund
Microsoft 6.40%
Autodesk 5.30%
Alphabet 5.30%
Intuit 5.10%
Danaher 3.60%
Amazon 3.40%
Fiserv 3.00%
T-Mobile 2.70%
Air Products & Chemicals 2.50%
S&P Global 2.40%

Table of Returns

The table of returns below show the total, relative and relevant benchmark returns for the fund manager since they first started to manage.

as at: 30 June 2021

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Start Date

31 December 1998


Total Years


Total Returns

Total Annualised
Since Inception 1742.89% 13.83%
10 Year Return 263.52% 13.78%
5 Year Return 107.65% 15.74%

Benchmark(s) Returns

Total Annualised
Since Inception 434.76% 7.74%
10 Year Return 302.43% 14.94%
5 Year Return 128.11% 17.93%

Relative Returns

Total Annualised
Since Inception 1308.13% 6.09%
10 Year Return -38.91% -1.16%
5 Year Return -20.46% -2.19%


S&P Net Total Return Index

List of Funds

All equity funds managed by the fund manager

Fund Region Market Cap Focus AUM Notes
Findlay Park American US $ 16,276,000,000 -