A History Of Growth And Innovation


Vadevalor Services & Launch of GV Vadevalor Europe Fund

  • Vadevalor consolidates its business, providing services for both asset management firms and listed firms.
  • Vadevalor reaches an agreement with Gesconsult in Madrid, Spain to be the advisor of the GV Vadevalor Europe Fund of Funds.


Team & Platform Developments

  • Vadevalor expands its team, joining forces with professionals from different countries across Europe.
  • Fund manager search engine is launched.
  • Cloud-based European equity research platform is launched, signing contracts with entities from several different countries.


European Expansion

  • After gathering data on all equity funds in Europe, the Vadevalor Team travels across Europe to continue to award our ratings to those fund managers who have achieved the best results.
  • Agreement with Rankia and Value School to collaborate with Vadevalor in our research segment.


Visibility & Growth

  • More than 200,000 Twitter impressions in the first 3 months in Spain.
  • Vadevalor reaches an agreement with Rankia, the financial website in Spain with the highest number of registered users, to join forces to find talent in the asset management sector.
  • Agreement to participate as collaborators along with Value School in the quarterly events, Buscando Valor, organised by Rankia.



  • Vadevalor website launched on November 20th 2017, showing our ratings to the public and receiving very good feedback from fund managers and from the general public.
  • El Expansion, the most popular financial newspaper in Spain publishes an article about Vadevalor research.

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– Steve Jobs