Vadevalor statement on the current market situation

Dear long-term investor: We write to you today in reference to the current market situation and reaction to the events over the last few weeks post the outbreak of the coronavirus. In this article, we would like to highlight our thoughts where we contemplate possible...

Investing your money well (With English Subtitles)

Lecture at the Buscando Valor event by Javier Ribas, co-founder of Vadevalor.

Vadevalor highlights the need for Spanish savers to invest with better information. In the lecture, the long term historical results of the largest Spanish banks are shown and 3 tips for investing better are given.

Invest with Knowledge (With English Subtitles)

Interview by Fernando Miralles to Javier Ribas, co-founder of Vadevalor. Javier talks about his professional career and about the history and purpose of Vadevalor. He also explains concepts such as what an investment fund is, the difference between active and passive investment and gives his opinion on the fixed income market.

Vadevalor – The Bet!

Vadevalor's Bet on Active Management, Our Vision of the Sector... Dear long-term investor, Vadevalor has been born in a period of change in the asset management sector in Spain.For the last years new asset management companies have been set up, led by fund managers...

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