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Vadevalor Foundation

If you’re in the luckiest one per cent of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99 per cent. – Warren Buffett.

Our Initiative

Vadevalor Foundation is a virtual space where we provide information about charities and support various efforts globally.

In the same way as we gather information about equity fund managers who have achieved outstanding results, we aim to learn more about the main charities across the globe and support their activities. In addition, hope that those who decide to donate money, find this useful and are better informed about these entities.

Salvador Garcia Atence, cofounder at Fundacion Lealtad explains that the NGOs work in an uncompetitive environment in which they don’t have as much pressure as companies to be efficient. Hence, why it is especially important that donors are aware of how the NGOs have spent their money and that the organisations are transparent in how they make the most of their granted resources.


Good practices

We focus on accredited entities:

  • That comply with the 9 standards of transparency and good practices of the Fundacion Lealtad.


Why are donations to charities important?

As Bill Gates says, there is no other system better than the market economy to take advantage of everyone’s self-interest, innovate and boost economic growth. However, capitalism does not generate incentives to meet the needs of the poorest individuals. Entrepreneurs do not develop products or services for those who cannot afford to pay for them and governments do not have unlimited budgets to help everyone in need.

Many wealthy individuals/families have donated a big share of their wealth, explaining that their happiness or well-being would not have changed should they have decided to keep the money for themselves. However, the impact on society from their donations is enormous. Many others also contribute to help those who are less fortunate, which we think has even more merit.

We want a society in which anyone, regardless of their nationality, gender or status, can prosper and have a good life. With the help of technology and social media, we believe that more people will join forces to help each other and that we will be prouder of our society as time goes by.

How Can We Help?