Our Company

Vadevalor is an Independent Global Investment Research Company. Our goal is helping savers make better decisions about their investments.

We are a provider of independent quality equity research. We also want to ensure that money flows to the best fund managers in the industry and follow a simple but effective set of criteria to rate those who have consistently outperformed their relevant benchmarks.

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"People who like what they do, do it better." - Henry Engelhardt, Founder of Admiral Group

  • Vadevalor will be a global brand, respected for its independence and objectivity, which will generate value for its customers, workers and partners.

  • Help investors improve their decision making. For this, we establish an internal culture that fosters the dissemination of knowledge among team members and continuous learning, also maximizing our social impact.

Our Values

  • Client focus

  • Passion

  • Search for excellence

  • Development of our team

  • Balance between work and personal life

  • Cultural diversity

  • Shared success

  • Team work

  • Long term

  • Social commitment