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"Know what you own, and know why you own it." - Peter Lynch

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About Vadevalor:

We are a team of finance professionals whose basic goal is helping savers make better decisions about their investments. We aim to help investors acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to choose their mutual fund.

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Our goal:

We want to provide information about those fund managers who:

☛ Have outperformed the benchmark we have chosen for at least 5 years.
☛ Show a high level of transparency and communication.

*Contact us, if you are a fund manager who meets the requirements but has not been included in our research.

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Our Global Brand

What We Focus on

At Vadevalor, we want to help you…

Focus on Basic Investing Concepts

Learn basic concepts that revolve around the Stock Market; developing a long-term thinking strategy

Know your Fund Managers

Provide detailed information about top performing fund managers and learn who have beaten the benchmark to add long-term value

Vadevalor Philosophy

We want to help you and resolve any questions you may have about the Stock Market or your Mutual Fund

10 Principles of Successful Investing



Principles of Successful Investing

Finding businesses which are easy to understand and predictable. An investor must focus on companies in which it is possible to make solid future forecast from observing...


Extensive Research

Principles on Successful Investing

Doing research to know the business inside out. Reading the public filings, talking to managers, customers and suppliers, reading analyst reports, company news and anything else useful...


Competitive Advantage

Principles of Successful Investing

Finding companies with competitive advantages. Competitive advantages allow a small number of firms to retain above-average levels...


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Principles on Successful Investing

Read more on Vadevalor's principles on successful investing...

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Our Charities

Vadevalor is involved with various charities around the world

20% of Vadevalor profits are distributed to charities around the world. Watch this space for more details…


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